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Add a Faux Finish For Real Home Beauty

A faux finish is a simple yet beautiful way to add a touch of elegance to your home. Originating in ancient Egypt as a way to add a decorative touch to the walls of caves, it has developed over time to its present form. It experienced a major revival in the 1980s and 1990s as homeowners began to look for a better option to wallpaper as a way to enhance the interior home décor. One big advantage that faux has over wallpaper is that if a change in décor is desired then it is much easier to paint over an existing design than it is to endure the tedious process of repapering an entire room.

Some of the more common faux finish techniques include marbleizing, which entails using a glaze or plaster to replicate the look of a marble finish, graining, which is the technique of simulating the finish of an exotic wood décor, and trompe l’oeil, French for “trick of the eye,” which involves the creation of unique architectural designs through the use of murals. Other common techniques include Venetian plaster, which gives the appearance of a rough textured finish but is actually smooth to the touch, color wash, which is the blending of different colors of glaze, and rag painting, a technique where rags are twisted together to create unique designs.

There is a wide variety of faux finish products on the market today that can help create the perfect look for your home. For the look and feel of cloth, an imitation suede product known as Can’t Be Suede provides for a beautiful pearlescent finish much like adobe. For a more colorful, metallic look there is Bling Film, which will bring a shine to your room. Other examples include Gel Staining for a water-based, acrylic finish, a tintable primer known as Primetime and Aspen Leaf Stencil, which is a fantastic way to finish off your own wood icing product.

If you are thinking of beginning a faux finish product but don’t know where to start, help is readily available. By taking faux video classes, you can learn the techniques from experts in the craft, so in no time you can begin to give your home’s interior a completely different look and feel. Or if you are not a “do-it-yourselfer,” have the experts come to you to do all the work for you, and will be happy to listen to any suggestions you may have.

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