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China Garden Beauty Medspa To Women Crazy Of Chengdu – Plastic Surgery, Spa-beauty Salon Industry

Nicole? Kidman, Harry? Berry, Paris? Hilton … … the charm of graceful one by one star, Splendid! Weathered the years in these stars who failed to leave traces of their eternal youth, what secret?

For you if MedSpa is not an unfamiliar word, then you are no doubt a good at capturing the world’s cutting-edge information on human beauty. If you have enjoyed MedSpa, it is more incredible! Because you have a higher quality of life. In fact, in Hollywood, all the rage, almost all the female stars of some famous beauty body MedSpa regulars, their common view is: stop the earth makeup remover, night of the shooting, skin pigmentation, loose, dry, fine grain, yellowish, and many of the problems, only MedSpa, to make them in just several minutes, amazing skin glow white, no pattern of the young state, and no makeup, always confident, frankly go into the studio and into the evening, into the bar and a romantic Valentine’s date.

MedSpa has a sense of magic

Medspa why a Hollywood star came to be greatly sought after and global giants ladies? Recently, the reporter went to the introduction of the first to MedSpa Chengdu, located diagonally opposite Carrefour World, the Chinese garden store cosmetic surgery hospitals Skin Management Centre (Overseas Korean flagship store). “MedSpa is the upgraded version of SPA, it will give you a kind of immediate change; beauty of the SPA, have been known at the same time, as there is no recovery, no trauma treatment, care, plus maintenance, in Europe and the United States, MedSpa is as for the noble face and body beauty special custom style fast food. “introduce Miss Xiao Shuhong director of the center.

MedSpa to women crazy of Chengdu

Elegant environment, advanced equipment and excellent professional doctors gather … … Chinese Garden MedSpa centers to become movie stars and the ladies of the local youth to keep the “secret room.” The reporter saw the whole course of treatment is to enjoy, the customer simply lying in the soft beauty bed, listening to soothing music, sipping your favorite tea or coffee, while in the physical and mental pleasure, to achieve “change plan”: tender skin white, flawless and flexible, and only appeared a few days before the appearance of fine lines actually gone.
, Xiao told us: “Actually, a lot of high people in Chengdu have enjoyed MedSpa. Many of her customers simply a fan, they will come not only to themselves but also to MedSpa introduced to their friends, but There are many foreign customers on a regular basis to do. “

Beauty MedSpa leader of Chengdu, China Garden

China cosmetic surgery hospital garden is a large high-end brand Huamei Rong Group, the Chinese garden combines the most advanced technology to MedSpa into a new concept??? The effect of weight reduction by a further extended to the elimination of color spots, wrinkles, acne, tattoos, redness and other fields, both medical and cosmetic beauty and life of double effect.

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