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Natural beauty surrounding an arequipa hotel

Arequipa, the popular White Town, is a splendid city, full of wonderful Spanish colonial buildings and stunning natural attractions. It is also a very famous tourist destination. The city boasts wonderful restaurants and an arequipa hotel provide tourists all the amenities they need to spend a fantastic time.
One of the most famous attractions of the region is El Misti, an active snow-capped stratovolcano located near the city of Arequipa. El Misti, also known as Gua-gua Putina, has become one of the city’s main symbols. It stands 5 822 meters above sea and its lasts eruption was in 1985. Some studies reveal that there have been at least 5 little eruptions during 20th century and a bigger eruption in 15th century. However, El Misti is not the only volcano near the city. Nearby, there are more than 80 volcanoes.
As mentioned above, the city boasts many beautiful old buildings which are worth visiting, such as the cathedral, a magnificent 17th century building built of sillar. Located in the Plaza the Armas, is the largest and also most important church of the city.
Furthermore, the city is famous for its gastronomy, which includes delicious dishes such as the Chupe de Camarones, the Rocoto Relleno, the Ocopa Arequipe?a, and more. The city is also known for being home to important artists and thinkers, such as the famous writer Mario Vargas Llosa, winner of 2010 Nobel Prize of Literature.
Paracas is a port city located in the region of Ica, 75 km south of Ica and 260 km south of Lima, the capital of Peru. In the south, it borders with the Paracas National Reservation. The region is also well known for its abundant wild-life.
Declared as a World Heritage by UNESCO, Paracas National Reservation is home to many different species of wild-life, especially birds. The city of Paracas also counts with many beautiful landscapes, provided by incredible beaches and stunning sunsets.
Paracas is a perfect place to enjoy a dream holiday; hotels paracas offers tourists cozy and comfortable accommodations.

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