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The Beauty of Freshwater Loose Pearls

As a rule, pearl farmers who sell at auctions want to sell as many cultured pearls as they can as quickly as they can. This means that the buyer must purchase large lots of loose cultured pearls. Many auctions are by invitation only. These conditions rule out most retailers and makes dealer the main buyers at cultured pearl auctions.

Freshwater loose pearls are purchased in large quantities. After purchasing these underwater gems, we sort through and categories all of them. The most beautiful and perfect pearls are set aside for special jewelry. We also sell loose freshwater pearls to consumers and designers for making their own jewelry. Loose Pearls are separated by color, size, luster, and clarity and this process takes time and patience which we have lots of here at Aloha Pearls.

Pearls have been found in mussels in lakes, ponds, and rivers in almost every country. Today cultured pearl farmers in China produce the overwhelming majority of cultured freshwater pearls. Our freshwater loose pearls come in a variety of colors and a range of sizes between 2 mm and 13 mm, although the larger sizes are very rare.

Because of their abundance and relatively low price, freshwater Loose Pearls are often used in multiple-strand bracelets and necklaces. And because they are available in a broad range of colors and shapes, designers are free to create extraordinary and often unique jewelry.

The abundance and broad color range that are typical of freshwater cultured pearls sometimes inspire designers to create unusual strands, graduated in both size and color.

In our stores we display large quantities of loose pearls in a large scallop shell for our customers to pick through and purchase these loose gems for making their own jewelry or just for processing these pearls for good luck. Loose pearls are incredibly beautiful clustered together. The scallop display looks very opulent and draws people in to its alluring charm. If you have never held a bunch of loose pearls in your hands it is hard to imagine the calming, soothing feel of these sea gems. Many customers love to sort through and pick and choose from these myriads of pearls to find the gems of their choice.

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